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Hello! My name is Kevin and I'm a fox hound mix. I currently live in San Diego county, California but I am looking for my forever home.

I'm almost 3 years old, have all my shots and I'm neutered. I have a lot of training, listen well, come on recall, and I like to sleep in my crate as it is my cozy place. Sometimes I like to hang out with my humans on the couch and snooze there.

I have a lot of energy! I love to run and chase bunnies and squirrels in my yard. Birds too! I love going for long walks (or runs, if you like!) and need a lot of exercise.

I love toys, but I'm kind of rough with them and they don't last long! Except my indestructible crab - he's got me puzzled. I like to try and catch balls but I'm not very good at it, so I get bored easily. I enjoy doing stuff for treats - I can sit, lay down, and stay. Treats are my favorite!

Right now, my family needs to find me a home where I'm the only pet. I've been kind of mean to my sister Billie and I'm too rough with my cat brothers. Me and Billie have gotten into some fights and now we can't be together anymore. Maybe I'm just scared because she's bigger than me? But I think I'd be happiest if I had my human(s) all to myself and didn't have to share them with other pets.

My family loves me very much but they say I am not living my best life because of the trouble with my sister. She's not happy either because now she's kind of scared of me.

Do you know anyone that is looking for a sweet goofy guy? I'm a really good dog, I just have problems with other dogs. I hope there is someone out there that I can love who would love me back. That's my dream.

You can contact my mom if you have any questions. She'll be happy to talk to you, answer any questions you have, and tell you what an awesome dog I am! Hope to see you soon!

Dog: Primary Breed: Other, not listed
Primary Breed (if not in list): Fox Hound
Birthday, estimate is okay: April 2020
Age Category: Young
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: August 2020
Where did you get your pet?: shelter
What do you feed your pet?: combination kibble, canned and fruit and veggies
What are your pet's favorite toys and activities?: Kevin loves to chase birds and bark at them. His favorite toy is his indestructible crab!
Gender: Male
Size (at full grown): Medium
Weight (at full grown, in pounds, number only): 50.0
Primary Color: Calico/Multi/Tricolor
Medical Care:
Vaccinations up to date
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Incompatible with other pets
How long will you be able to keep your pet before you may need to surrender him or her to a rescue?: Two months
Who is your veterinarian?: Dr. Anne Serdy, High Valley Veterinary
Would you consider a long distance adoption?:
Would you consider a foster family?:
City, State: Ramona, CA
Zip Code: 92065
Is there anything else you'd like your pet's new family to know?: he has a very high prey drive and has dug under the fence on numerous occasions. He does wear a perimeter collar (invisible fence) and does well with it.
Admin Team (skip this question): Blue