I'm looking to find a safe and supportive home for my two sweet dogs. Mackie is about 3 and Ollie will be 1 in December. They're both great with other dogs, cats and kids. They know basic commands and do really well with training when the training is consistent, which is where our family falls short. We would like them to stay together but will separate them if necessary. Mackie is completely house broken and will bark at the door if she needs to go out. I found Mackie about 2 1/2 years ago a mile or so from a popular hunting area and I do believe that she was being trained as a hunting dog and spent most of her time outside. We fell in love with her and since I was only working part time at that point we decided to let her stay with us. She hunts birds, squirrels and bunnies. All Mackie wants to do is be outside, be with humans and sprint. She is an escape artist and that is the reason that we are trying to find these two a new home. She digs under fences and runs out the front door and through the invisible fence. She always comes back but we live near a few busy roads and I'm terrified that she'll get hit by a car (again) or worse, cause an accident. She would do great in a home with lots of land where she could be outside most of the time. She is super submissive and very gentle. She is high energy but is also happy to cuddle on the couch. I think they would both make great companions for a family or single person as long as someone works from home, has a flexible schedule or is retired so that their training can be reinforced throughout the day. Training them is actually super fun when you have the time!

Dog: Primary Breed: Other, not listed
Primary Breed (if not in list): Brittany Spaniel
Birthday, estimate is okay: August 2016
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: June 2019
Age Category: Young
Gender: Female
Size (at full grown): Medium
Approximate Weight (at full grown, in pounds): 40
Primary Color: Black (Mostly)
Medical Care:
Up-to-date all vaccines
Up-to-date, rabies only
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Housing is inadequate for pet
Rehoming reason details (if necessary): Family can't provide what dog needs. Need a safer environment.
What would you like your pet's new family to know?: She's a great dog she just need to be with the right owners.
How far are you willing to travel to meet a new family?: Love Knows No Distance
How long will you be able to keep your pet before you may need to surrender him or her to a rescue?: As long as it takes
Zip Code: 01075

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