Bandit is a 10 month old Mini Aussie Blue Heeler Mix. He is such a good dog, always makes me laugh. He deserves a loving forever home where he can just get lots of love and playtime at the park. I am heartbroken that I have to make this decision, but my other dog is SO jealous, and it is not fair to either one of them. Bandit adores my six year old daughter, and other dogs, especially if they are his size or smaller. He is neutered and house broken.

Dog: Primary Breed: Other, not listed
Primary Breed (if not in list): Aussie/Blue Heeler Mix
Birthday, estimate is okay: 3/7/2021
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: ASAP
Where did you get your pet?: A customer at my job gave him to me
What do you feed your pet?: Taste of the Wild Salmon Flavor
What are your pet's favorite toys and activities?: LOVES Water, going to the park, OBSESSED with Bones and Toys
Age Category: Young
Gender: Male
Size (at full grown): Medium
Approximate Weight (at full grown, in pounds): 40
Primary Color: Brown
Medical Care:
Up-to-date all vaccines
Up-to-date, rabies only
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Incompatible with other pets
Rehoming reason details (if necessary): He loves my other dog so much. She enjoys his company but seems like she was much happier when she did not have to share the attention. She is extremely jealous, and for her sake, I think it is for the best.
What would you like your pet's new family to know?: He is so loving and wants so much to please. He is the biggest goofball, constantly makes me laugh. He loves the water and MUST have bones and toys to keep him busy. He does like to get into things when I'm away, so I do have to keep him in a crate when I leave for an extended period of time.
How far are you willing to travel to meet a new family?: Up to 100 Miles
How long will you be able to keep your pet before you may need to surrender him or her to a rescue?: As long as it takes
Who is your veterinarian?: Animal Hospital of University Dr.
Would you consider a long distance adoption?:
Would you consider a foster family?:
Zip Code: 33312

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