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Navigating the Rehoming Journey with Care and Compassion

Welcome to Rehome With Love, where the well-being of your beloved pet is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that finding a new home for your cherished pet can be a challenging and emotional decision. That's why we're here to provide care, compassion, and support throughout the entire rehoming journey.


We start by crafting a unique profile that captures your pet's history, personality, and needs, along with a custom video to highlight their unique charm. We showcase their distinctive qualities to potential adopters by sharing their profile and video across various online platforms, including pet adoption sites and social media. This targeted approach is designed to quickly reach individuals actively looking to adopt a pet like yours, significantly increasing the chances of finding a loving home in a timely manner.


Every adoption application is carefully evaluated to ensure a good match. We prioritize your pet's well-being, using advanced tools to assess potential adopters based on their lifestyle and living environment. When we find a potential match, we facilitate the introduction between you and the potential adopter. Our client portal keeps you informed at every step. We understand the mix of emotions involved and are here to guide and support you. During the meet-and-greet and adoption process, our team offers expertise to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.


But our commitment doesn't end with adoption. A rehoming agreement will be a part of the adoption process, ensuring that your pet's new family is dedicated to providing the love and care they deserve. Even after the adoption is complete, we continue to offer advice and assistance as your pet settles into their new home.

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Tailored Services to Meet Your Pet's Rehoming Needs

No-Cost Listing: This option is perfect for individuals who wish to manage the rehoming process independently. It allows you to list your pet on our platform for free, providing visibility on our trusted platform while allowing you to respond to inquiries and find the ideal new home for your pet.

Standard Service ($195): Our Standard Service is designed for those seeking full support in the rehoming journey. Our dedicated team handles everything from creating a comprehensive profile for your pet, including an adoption video, to promoting your pet on various pet adoption platforms and social media. We also take care of screening applicants and offer guidance throughout the adoption and post-adoption stages to ensure your pet's smooth and safe transition into a loving new home.

Priority Service ($295): Our Priority Service, priced at $295, is designed for an accelerated rehoming process, offering enhanced exposure through targeted social media advertising, active participation in specialized groups, and increased posting frequency to reach specific audiences as fast as possible.

Our Dedication to You and Your Pet: We understand the emotional weight of rehoming a pet. The decision to find a new home for your pet is a courageous and loving one. At every step of this journey, we provide the support, advice, and comfort you and your pet need. No matter which service you opt for, we pledge to stand by you, offering our help for as long as it takes to find a secure and loving new home for your pet. This commitment is at the core of what we do, ensuring that every pet in our care finds their perfect match.

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New Arrivals: Pets Looking for a New Home

Meet our newly listed pets, ready to transition from one loving family to another through the process of rehoming. These adorable pets have recently become available on our platform, and their current families are seeking caring individuals and families like yours to provide them with a new, forever home.

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About Joyful Pets

"Rehome with Love" is a special program by Joyful Pets, an organization focused on improving the lives of pets. We support pet adoption and share the joy pets bring. Our goal is to find caring homes for pets to prevent them from going to shelters. Through "Rehome with Love," we connect people who need to find a new home for their pets with those who want to adopt. Whether you need help with your pet, are thinking about adopting, or just love animals, Joyful Pets has options for you.