Skara is a loving senior cat with so much play, spunk, and sass to still offer the world. She’s very intelligent and loves attention and people. She’s definitely not shy! And acclimates to new environments quite quickly. She loves greeting new people and is her happiest surrounded by others wanting to shower her in affection.

She has never scratched me or hissed at me. I’ve never seen her exhibit hostility towards anyone. She’s very sweet and tolerant and understands if you step on her tail on accident. I can pick her up and handle her with ease. I think she would make a great addition to any home wanting a little more enrichment. I can’t care for her due to my schedule and I feel quite guilty due to her loving nature. I’m hoping to find her a perfect, new forever home so please reach out!

Cat: Primary Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Breed (if not in list): Grey Tabby
Pet's Name: Skara
Birthday, estimate is okay: 2010
Age Category: Senior
Where did you get your pet?: Shelter
What do you feed your pet?: Hypoallergenic diet
Gender: Female
Size (at full grown): Small
Weight (at full grown): 8.0
Primary Color: Gray
What are your pet's favorite toys and activities?: She likes shoe strings and bathing in the sun
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: 2018
How is your cat with other cats?:
Timid at first
Not good with other cats
Does your cat have any amusing or peculiar habits, like "chattering" at birds through the window or fetching toys?: She likes to drink water from the bath tub
What is the most adorable thing about your cat?: She wants cuddles all the time, will cuddle with you on the couch and doesn’t like to sleep alone.
Medical History and Care:
Vaccinations up to date
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Friendly to Family
Friendly to Strangers
Enjoys being picked up
Bonded Pair
Good with Dogs
Good with Other Cats
Good with Young Children
What criteria are important to you when considering an adoptive family or home for your pet?: A loving and calm home is what she needs, with a lot of interaction between members of the home. She needs a lot of human interaction to be happy.
Is there anything else you'd like your pet's new family to know?: She’s developing arthritis in her back hips, but homeopathic treatments do wonders for it. Very manageable but I do handle her very gently because of it.
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Personal problems
Rehoming reason details (if necessary): I live alone and cannot care for her like I used to dye to my busy schedule. I’m rarely home and can’t give her the attention she needs.
How long will you be able to keep your pet before you may need to consider surrendering him or her to a rescue?: Two months
Who is your veterinarian?: Banfield pet hospital
Would you consider a long distance adoption?:
Would you consider a foster family?:
City, State: Nevada
Zip Code: 89502
Service Level: Standard