Gizmo & Jasper

Gizmo and Jasper are bonded brothers that sure are a dynamic duo! Gizmo is simply majestic and it only takes one look into those eyes to understand just how smart and serious he is! Jasper is the lovable goofball; a big sensitive baby with much lap dog in him! They both love the outdoors, and all water play, car rides, camping, boating, long walks, hiking, and especially chasing and herding. They are such good boys! They live peacefully with other dogs. They do not prefer cats but tolerate living with one on the fringes. They are good with older children. They are both potty trained and use a dog door for access. As goes with the breed, these boys need plenty of exercise and lots of space to run. Gizmo is definitely the alpha and loves to run at full speed until he wears himself out. Jasper is content to crouch and run backup. He loves to jump and play! These guys are bonded litter-mates and need a new home as soon as possible due to long-term family health developments.

Gizmo’s YouTube Video:

Jasper’s YouTube Video:

Pet's Name: Gizmo & Jasper
Dog: Primary Breed: Border Collie
Birthdate, estimate is okay: 05/08/2018
Age Category: Adult
Where did you get your pet?: Breeder
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: 07/01/2018
Gender: Male
Size (at full grown): Large
Weight (at full grown): 50
Primary Color: Calico/Multi/Tricolor
What are your pet's favorite toys and activities?: Anything outdoor - swimming, running, camping, boating, hiking, herding
What commands does your dog know?: They sit and generally move where I say but no formal commands. They are so smart and eager to learn but they have not gotten the training deserve.
How does your dog react to being left alone for short periods?: They are alone sometimes overnight and quite comfortable
Are there any specific triggers that cause your dog anxiety or stress?: Minor stress during storms
Is there a particular routine that works best for your dog in terms of feeding, walking, and sleep?: Generally one meal a day earlier evening. They are used to doggie door but they are good boys when dog door is shut. They are used to free access to room to run all day and Gizmo especially is very active.
Medical History and Care:
Vaccinations up to date
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Crate Trained
What's the most endearing thing about your dog?: These boys are so loyal and give much support. Gizmo is so attentive and serious. There is so much to see in his eyes, so very smart and independent. On the other hand Jasper is just so very lovable and goofy! He prances and jumps when he gets excited. He’s just a big baby! Jasper is always cleaning Gizmo. They are brothers with very different yet complimentary personalities!
What criteria are important to you when considering an adoptive family or home for your pet?: Some land for dogs to run and lots of love from the family
Is there anything else you'd like your pet's new family to know?: They have generally been indoor dogs with free access to outside. They are not used to staying out in the elements.
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Pet Parent Illness
Rehoming reason details (if necessary): Family illness. Had to move to tiny place with no access. The dogs have gained much weight in just a few months and are struggling mentally with their new environment.
How long will you be able to keep your pet before you may need to consider surrendering him or her to a rescue?: Not an option, my pet will stay with me for as long as it takes
Who is your veterinarian?: Dr. Johnson
What do you feed your pet?: Kibble with homemade mix
Would you consider a long distance adoption?:
City, State: Nashville
Zip Code: 47448
Service Level: Not Sure: Help Me Choose