Olaf is a beautiful, sweet, cuddly white and tan cat! He was born in June 2021, but he's already a big boy - he weighs about 25 pounds! He is a gentle indoor-only cat who loves to be petted. He loves to lounge around the house, usually preferring to sleep rather than play. He is used to kids - he sleeps in our 10-year-old daughter's bed.

Olaf would do best in a home with no other cats. We don't know how he would do with dogs, but he likely would be happiest as the only pet in the house. We have another cat with lots of energy who always wants to play but bothers Olaf. Olaf has a habit of peeing outside the litter box, and we believe this is because he does not like sharing with other cats. He has no medical issues, we have tried different types of litter and litter boxes, but he has not changed.

Olaf would be a great pet for someone who loves cats but doesn't have one now and can be patient with him, in a home where he can relax, love, and be loved!

Pet's Name: Olaf
Cat: Primary Breed: Other, not listed
Birthday, estimate is okay: June 2021
Age Category: Young
Where did you get your pet?: San Diego Humane Society
Adoption Day, when did you adopt your pet? An estimate is okay.: August 2021
Gender: Male
Size (at full grown): Medium
Weight (at full grown): 27
Primary Color: White (Mostly)
How is your cat with other cats?:
Timid at first
Not good with other cats
Medical History and Care:
Vaccinations up to date
Spayed or Neutered
Special Diet
Special Needs
Never Vetted
Does your pet have any history of health issues or medical conditions that potential adopters should be aware of?: He needs to lose weight - currently weighs 27 pounds, vet said goal for next checkup (February) is 24 pounds
Friendly to Family
Friendly to Strangers
Enjoys being picked up
Bonded Pair
Good with Dogs
Good with Other Cats
Good with Young Children
What criteria are important to you when considering an adoptive family or home for your pet?: No other pets in the home, willing to be patient with him, calm
Is there anything else you'd like your pet's new family to know?: He often pees outside the litter box (not always), he is very sweet and sensitive
Why are you rehoming your pet (primary reason)?: Incompatible with Other Pets
Who is your veterinarian?: Animal Medical Hospital of Poway
What do you feed your pet?: Dry - Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Sensitive Stomach (chicken), wet - Purina Pro Plan Gravy High Protein wet cat food (chicken/turkey)
Do you have pet insurance for your pet? : No
Would you consider a long distance adoption?:
City, State: Poway, CA
Zip Code: 92064
Service Level: Basic